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  Height: 6'0

  Phone: 203.804.7272

  Weight: 190

  E-mail: gregnutcher@yahoo.com

  Hair: Dark Brown   Eyes: Brown






Breaking Legs Terence OíKeefe (lead) Center Stage
Wait Until Dark Sam Hendrix Clockworks Theater
Run For Your Wife Bobby Franklyn Rep. Theatre of New Britain
The Wake Son Tripeg Studio


Diamond Ruff Lt. Brown Dir. Alec Asten
Love You More Tim Dir. James Mixon
Pawn Sniper Dir. David Armstrong
Marco Polo Boys Jimmy Dir. Danny Lagere
Assault of the Sasquatch Ryan Walker Warner Bros.
Werewolf: The Devils Hound Karl Hofferman Lionsgate
Blood Descendants  Deputy Hooper Maverick Home Entertainment
Banshee!!! Officer Young American World Pictures
Opponent Officer Remillard Vijaya Cine Enterprises
Times Up Dr. Arthur Tessler Dir. Richard Dobbs
Rising Star Boss Dir. Marty Lang
Going Home Brian Hill Dir. Joel Stedman
To Dye For Francis Dir. Richard Dobbs
The Great Fight Detective Durlo Dir. Sherri Kauk
A-1 Quality Entertainment The Man Dir Richard Dobbs
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOE Moe Hawk Films
The Fence Detective Wood Dir. Jimmy Driscoll
Polypore Bernie Onceler Dir Jesse Barack
Ethan Ross Dir. James W. Hawk
Remains Paul Dir Colin Theys
Kwanzaa with the Jonesís Mr.Vanderbee Origin Nile Films
Sensory Perception Dr. Godard Pale Nail Productions
Open Fields Henry Dir. Matt Carlin
The Doll Collector Frank Syx Productions
The Mercury Cycle Thomas Bushel Dir. Cody Hoerig
An Affirmative Act Chief Bailiff Dir. Jana Mattioli
Fake Larry Dir. Greg Friedle
Cold Jim Dir. Colin Theys
Hard Row Frank Reis Dir. Paul Melluzo
Love and War Jimmy Dir. Danny LeGare
The Forest Father James Dir. David McRorie
Pursuit Dave Dir. Jaron Downs
Officer Down Officer Stanly Dir. Brian Miller
Aleph to Taw Gene Retare Voice Dir. James Hawk
Drive Time Max Quinn Little Men Productions
Everyone Who Has Ever Lived Here Mr. Michaels Correction Fluid Films
Sleepwalker Dean Trout Dir. Mariama Diallo
Bittersweets Carl Young Nuance Entertainment
Bobby Dogs Greg Brooklawn Productions
The Highest Bid John Cuba Steve Productions
Art Therapy Charles Manner Safe House Films
Exposure David Davidson Dir. Patrice Hamilton


The Audacity of Hope Dr. DeAngelo URU The Right To Be
Lycan Theorized Karl Hofferman Christian Jankowski


Remains Paul NBC-Universal
Alien Opponent Officer Remillard NBC-Universal
Banshee!!! Officer Young NBC-Universal
Assault Of The Sasquatch Ryan Walker NBC-Universal
Werewolf The Devilís Hound Karl Hofferman NBC-Universal
Mars Kane (Pilot) Jack Cantor Dir. Michael Hartel
Unlife Partners (Pilot) Robert Midnight Chimes Productions

Commercial / Industrial / Voice Over / Print
35 National and regional principal commercials for numerous products and services; 10 print principals; 5 Industrials for various corporations and 2 national and regional voice overís; list upon request


Michael Howard Studio (NY) Scene Study  
HB Studio (NY) Monologue, scene study  
Weist Barron (NY) Acting for Film & Television  
New England Academy of Theatre (CT) Acting, Monologue, Scene Study  
Actors Gym (CT) Acting, Monologue, Scene Study  
Play On Acting Studio (CT) Improvisation  
Stanislavski technique Joel Stedman  
Private Coaching/Scene Study Joel Stedman, Reno Venturi  

Special Skills
Police detective (retired, 20+years law enforcement), FBI trained hostage/crisis negotiator, extensive training/experience in SWAT, narcotics, auto theft and undercover operations, firearms, combat fighting, crime scene investigations, tactical building rappelling, precision and high speed pursuit driving. Licensed motorcycle operator (dirt/street) Certified Medical Response Technician (MRT), operate heavy machinery, experienced with all phases of construction and home improvement, canoe/kayak, teleprompter experience.